Friday, 11 October 2013

Searching Him

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

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Daughter: Dad, I want to get married.

Father: That is a good thing to wish for. What kind of man do you want?

Daughter: I want a life of luxury and ease. So, I would like a man who can help me achieve that life. 

The father became worried by her words. 

Father: Umm...I've never known you to be like this. I've never even seen you with a jewellery in your possession other than the ring your late mother left you, the same ring I married your mother with. If you were to sell it, the money you get won't be enough to buy you anything of value. Honestly my dear, I am surprised by your ambitions. 

Daughter: Dad, the luxury I seek cannot be bought by gold or diamonds. The ease I wish for cannot be offered by any wealthy man. I seek the luxury of Jannah and the ease of being in the company of the Prophets. I seek the life of luxury and ease that Mum is enjoying right now insha Allah, because I see you as the kind of man who has helped her made it there. I am sure, she has helped you as well and you will be in her arms once again. 

The father can't hold his tears anymore. 

Daughter: Dad?

Father: Yes, my dear?

Daughter: Is there a man out there who can offer me what you have offered Mum?

Father: I pray for a man who can offer you more. Much more. i hope he will take care of you and bring you to the Jannah:')

By Aiman Azlan

Unrelated story behind the entry :
 Today is public holiday for all 'Malaccacians'. 
Yeah, no need to go to work.
Salam Jumaat.


  1. Salam teena....

    Ayah dia contoh yg terbaik utk dia,ramai perempuan nak punyai suami seperti ayah merekakan teena tp tak kurang juga anak perempuan yg tak mahu atau serik utk berkawin setelah melihat hidup ibu mereka yg dipersiakan oleh ayah@suami yg tidak bertanggungjawab...

  2. wanita baik utk lelaki yg baik..bgitu la yg sebaliknya..

  3. Mudah2an Teenaakan dapat pasangan hidup yang baik, beriman dan bertanggungjawab :)

  4. semoga mendapat jodoh yang baik :)

  5. semoga mendapat jodoh yang baik.

  6. moga dpt jodoh terbaik driNya
    kisah yg memberi inspirasi buat kita

  7. Semoga Allah permudahkan dan dapat pasangan terbaik yg diredai Allah....

  8. semoga bertemu dengan jodoh yang baik.. :D

  9. Doa moga dipertemukan dengan jodoh yang baik :)

  10. Menarik cerita ni :) blog aiman azlan tu pn best!!

  11. find someone who appreciate u,
    accept u in times of hardship,
    comfort u when u're in trouble,
    n love u no matter what :)

  12. Semoga dipertemukan dengan seorang yang beriman yang boleh membimbing ke syurga.

  13. lelaki yang soleh utk wanita yang solehah..oleh itu jaga lah batasan, tiang agama, dan turutilah kata2 suami..insyaAllah ia kan menjadi harta paling berharga buat pasangan

  14. carilah psagan yg mghargai kita dan utamakan agama..inshaa'Allah akan bawa kita ke syurga =) smoga awak dapat suami yg solehah Teena..